Why Choose US
Why Choose Fifty-Five Solutions & Consulting ?


Market uncertainty is pervasive, this is why settling for a safe option might be good enough for some, yet to us, we take a stab at substantially more than that. As we rely on our team members to uphold the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, our collective vision, and willingness to try something controversial will have a huge impact on the business model that this business field was built on.
As an uprising creative agency, Fifty Five Solutions & Consulting entire business model is founded on the sense of responsibility and the satisfaction of our clients to present an outstanding result to raise the bar and awareness for their brands.

We strive to broaden our clientele base as we seek to positively impact our Industry. Fifty Five Solutions & Consulting already provides creative services to local and international clients who have obviously made the right choice profiting from this vast network of employees and creative minds, which started off with just four employees and is now growing bigger by the second.

We live in times of great change, and to stand still with an unchanged conception of marketing will gain you nothing, omitting the fear of change and risk-taking is our specialty at Fifty Five Solutions & Consulting.


Fifty-Five for Solution & consulting introduce a very successful model in the professional solution that is based on organization needs. What distinguishes Fifty-Five for Solution & consulting’s model more is its reliance on providing full solution based on the needs of the organization. Fifty-Five for Solution & consulting’s model emphasizes building knowledge and experience.