E-Commerce Website Development

E-commerce website CMS offers an easy, fast, and reliable way to navigate items within specific categories, create orders online, and continue with the purchasing process easily.

With the power of e-commerce, B2B, B2C, and C2C, you can take your commercial enterprise to a global platform without any geographical limit. E-trade portals permit you to reach out to local and international clients and expands the marketplace on your commercial enterprise regardless in which location the person is.

The E-commerce website provide multi business domains architecture and has a complete controlling administration platform which also provides multi-vender marketplace, where the admin is able to manage website content, users, categories, items, in addition clear dashboard to summarize all transactions, orders history and details, and other customized reports and statistics. Therefore, Platform has developed the document to introduce the different modules and functionalities that will delivered as final product.

Scope of Work

The scope of this document is all points written and displayed in the requirements, otherwise, it will be considered as an out of scope issue.

Requirements Management & Planning Stage

  • Determine main goals and project objectives.
  • Determine business requirements and website flow.
  • Prepare Reports and forms.
  • Optimize website navigation and site map.


General/Visual Design Requirements

  • The design should be simple, attractive and user friendly.
  • The Website includes three main components:

– Online Portal (Website)

– Content management system (CMS)

– Backend & Services

  • Bilingual interface (English / Arabic), and the website will be structured to support other languages when needed
  • Dashboard contains diverse statistics upon client’s need
  • Fifty-five Solutions and Consulting has qualified team to manage their website.
  • Client will provide their logo in Ai format before design phase to design an interface that holds the identity.
  • Continue working with the client until achieving the approved design.
  • The website should be flexible to meet future content expansion without affecting its visual design look and feel.
  • The website must be easy to use by the both types of users, the experienced users and the novice users.
  • The system must validate user entries in order to ensure that no errors are encountered. If a certain error shows up, the error must be displayed in a structured way in order to force the users to easily understand it.

Function List/Features

  1. Online Website Design / Front-End Development (WordPress)
  2. Website must be easy to navigate, responsive, and page loading performance is acceptable
  3. Conform to google standards for SEO purposes with metadata that help with ranking.
  4. Secure website with SSL setup and installation.
  5. Responsive design compatibility to accommodate different screen sizes (Mobile, Tablet, Laptop / PC).
  6. Dynamic menu. Admin can manage menu items dynamically from the CMS
    • Website serves B2B, B2C, and
    • Items categories and sub-categories
  1. User can navigate all items under specific category and show all details such as description, images, item review, quantity, store availability, etc.
  2. Details page for items with ability to view related items
  3. Advance filtration and smart navigation
  4. User can filter results and items based on advance and dynamic criteria
  1. Payment gateway integration

User can submit purchasing process on the website using multiple payment gateways such as Visa/Master card, PayPal, etc.

  1. Shopping Basket / Cart Management
    • Add items to the shopping cart
    • Edit the cart when needed
    • Delete items from the cart
    • Shopping Cart will remain items selected for specific time (as per client requirement) even after close the browser
    • Website will display option “Proceed to checkout” when shopping cart filled with more than 3 items
  2. User registration and Login
    1. User is able to register in the website providing all required information
    2. Login is required to proceed with checkout
  3. User is able to add review and rating items and venders
  4. Urgent

User can flag an order as urgent request which may subject to extra charge

  1. User is able to track the request and stay updated with the order status
    • Received
    • Under process
    • On the way
    • Delivered
  2. Website main Pages
  • Home page. Including:

* Main menu

* Footer. Includes quick links, social media accounts, etc.

* Images slide show

* Quick contact info

* Main content

  • About Us · Contact Us · Terms and Conditions

 Backend / Full Content Management System Development

1.Full CMS – Content management system to manage platform content and venders

  1. Manage website content
  2. User profiles management
  3. Manage and track submitted orders
  4. Track payments details
  • Admin is able to view all payments details
  • Track payments that were not submitted successfully

6.View users’ feedback and their ratings on items

7.Reports management

Generate up to 5 statistical reports for different criteria (based on business requirements will be provided)

8.Detailed and smart Dashboard which provides real-time results by aggregating and extracting value from all the data collected

9.View rating and user’s feedback

10.Track orders/urgent orders and delivery statuses

11.SMS Notifications management


Acceptance Criteria

  • The website is to remain up and running properly at all time and the pages are not to take longer than 10 seconds to load using a minimal internet speed.
  • The website performs highly by offering:
    • Efficient hosting strategy.
    • The system accepts the following types of content: Text, Video, Audio, Images, Office Files, and PDFs.
    • The website performs properly in any of the following browsers: Microsoft IE (from IE version 10 till last version), Firefox, and Google Chrome.
  • Ability to maintain the site’s content without the need for technical background.
  • Performing single data source, which enables to save and use data from the same repository (same Database).
  • Frequently and easily update the website content without any location restrictions.
  • Ability to create new categories, sub-categories, add items when needed easily and efficiently.
  • The website user will be capable to navigate easily.
  • Website presents a strong, clear and usable navigation skeleton which allows the website visitors to find his/her piece of information in not more than 3 clicks and avoid digging to reach it.
  • The website will possess a clear site structure.
  • Perform eligible and efficient filtration within the website with proper results in smart displaying options.
  • The website accepts upgrading at any future stages.

Out of Scope

  • Migrating the old website data.
  • Any additional modules or features not included in this document. If required, the change will subject to extra work and charge
  • Developing any additional user interface design than what was mentioned in the “Proposed solution” section.
  • Servers, domain, hosting fees and administration, google maps and routes services fees, SMS gateway registration fees, payment gateway registration fees, or any infrastructure activities.

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