Search Engine optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization brings you the most precious traffic (also known as organic traffic), when a search engine shows your content to its users in the organic part of a SERP (Search Engine Results Page), you do not pay for the ranking. When the user clicks on the result and visits your site, you do not pay Google for a visit. And that briefly describes what is SEO used for.

1-Increase google rank

2-Add 50 key words meta data of the website available on google search

3-Build links the website with the 2tips do flu and no flu

4-To have dynamic website be and to be able to run and different browser platform

5-Add titles description and keywords for each web page in the website

6-Link the website with social media pages automatically

7-Link the website with google analytics to get statistics

8-Link the website with google maps

9-Lin the website admins with google tools in order manage SEO

10-Solve any problem in the admin tools which prevent the website from appears the search engines