Our Services

Fifty-Five for Solution & consulting are proud to be at the forefront of new thinking in terms of professional consultation.

It is dedicated to meet the unique needs for organizations. It realizes objectives of clients in three different approaches; Professional solution, Marketing, and Training.

Fifty-Five for Solution & consulting is an acknowledged management

consulting firm that provides globalized solutions in partnership with our


Our aim is to enhance corporate competency and performance through

result-based solutions, effectively combining processes, people and

systems, designed to match clients' individual requirements .

Fifty-Five for Solution & consulting realize the need for continuous

improvement, better at growing and developing from within, and better at

creating strong internal customer-supplier relationships.

Our business solutions and services can help your business in the areas of:

  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Total Quality Management and EFQM Excellence Model
  • IT and software development management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing management and campaigns.
  • Business Analysis